Lie Down

This is a poem by a poet acquaintance, Mr. Joshua Magaji. I loved it the political undertones so much I asked for his permission to put it up. Please enjoy and leave your opinions and interpretations


Must I tell you
To lie down flat
Kiss the Earth
Love her son
We will stay here till the bullets stop flying

Do not sob
These men think like boys
They champion politics with religion
And come from

They will like peppered chicken open you
And will furnace you like bronze
After today son
We may crawl and be extinct
For erection is for the strong
And lowering is our hobby

But if tomorrow finds me stiller
Stand up again
With your brothers and sisters
Call your in-laws and friends
Invite the town
Tell them
Our barriers are not our lords
Let us in wisdom petrify our barriers

Joshua Magaji 2011


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