Playing At War

A little Christian poem I wrote a while back. Enjoy.


like a malicious creature, you scratch at my soul
stripping it off, swallowing it up
You poison my mind
unwinding my cocoon of reason with steady hands
hoping to find me vulnerable
fearing that the transformation may already
be complete and that your
spiteful plans be laid to waste

You try to imprison me with bars of guilt
poking through armour with slivers of doubt
jarred by my tenacity, spurred by my vulnerability
you push, kick, scratch and claw
you fight me day and night
hoping to be the author of my destruction

We play these winding games
You strike, I parry and return
You evade and attempt to strike again
We fight for prize
You, for your father’s will
I, for my promised crown
You are his vassal, It is my future
I will be your undoing

I will hold on, remain strong
Till the end of it all
and victory will be mine for
I fight not alone but
with the hosts of the sons of God
and the strength of the arm of heaven

Oh Self, manifestation of flesh
I must fight you because
you are tainted by sin
mortal and flawed and doomed for
destruction with your father Beelzebub

When the battle is won
my soul will take flight
and rise to meet my master
the risen christ!


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