The Carrier

In honor of World Poetry day, I’ll put up one of my oldest poems, inspired by personal faith amongst other things. It’s titled the carrier. Enjoy.


Mesmerised by the view I sat,
legs folded to my chest arms wrapped around my legs
I sat and I stared for minutes
hours even enthralled at the cyans and the magnetas
the sunset yellows and royal purples
Every tribe was there it seemed to me
the brooding indian girls
constantly rewrapping saris around their frail torsos
The flashing redheaded vikings
swords used as a wedge for their flapping kilts
The apprehensive mandarins in kimonos
their slitted eyes furrowed in contemplation
Peals of laughter from the the Yoruba women
who gossiped as they shared steaming bowls of fufu
The eclectic Masai tribesmen almost
naked with spears eyes alert ready to strike
The Aborigines covered in layers of dust from their trek

At first when the spectacle began
We had only seen Jews in tassels and beards
looking condescendingly at everyone else
But then when we really looked we saw everyone else
And we were amazed at how quickly word spread of the carrier
even we too had heard and come to see
Quickly too we noticed bags at the feet of the multitude
Some gilded and sequined others mere bundled up rags
though different in appearance
all carried the same burdens
Everyone had brought their bags for the carrier

When the time finally came and the carrier passed
Unimaginable the load he carried
He had a cross on his back and on it
a net as far and long as the width of the earth
as he passed the people threw their bags at him
some fell on to his cross and stuck
others to the net below
some were simply relieved
to be rid of their gilded burdens
Others silently shed tears
thankful to their silent saviour
The carrier trudged on
his smile almost rueful
and as he passed I looked down
saw my own little bag of burdens
small and unseemingly
picked my bag, tried to add to the heap
But my fingers failed me
Shame overwhelmed me
and I thought to myself
I will not be like all the others
I will carry my burdens
and endure what was my due

The carrier stopped
he turned sensing my dilemma
He smiled patiently waiting for me to see
And in his smile I realized
the burden was not mine to carry
It had become his burdens
Which he would gladly bear
I gave up my burden not to the carrier
But to my friend who had come
just for me!

The Jews looked away in disgust
They would never be as cowardly as the world was
They would carry their burdens hanging from their tassels
Their burdens the heaviest of all


One thought on “The Carrier

  1. “The Jews looked away in disgust
    They would never be as cowardly as the world was” .. This remains my favorite line you have every written, for whatever reason i just fell in love with it.

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