This Is What Makes Us Girls

The smell of hair getting singed is one of the smells Lola can’t forget from that day, that and the stench from the pits of the skinny man with long white nails that straightened out her mulatto hair as Bibi and Francine giggled behind her. She winced each time the harried man took a chunk of hair and slid the straightening iron too close to her scalp and the girls giggled some more.
“Told you to take a puff of that weed but you didn’t listen.”
Lola glared at them from the mirror and they hushed. Bibi continued painting her toe nails with the bottle of black polish she’d picked off the pedicure table. Lola frowned, they both knew Bibi wouldn’t return it when she was done. Lola closed her eyes and tried to rationalise why she was here, in this salon, straightening out her hair even though it was against school rules. A real party, with boys in university, smart intellectual boys in Henley shirts and sweater vests, not the sagging juvenile brats in her prep school who only wanted to feel her up during the idiotic movie nights where they always showed some mindless action movie with no surmisable plot. She’d always wanted her first kiss to be with someone who knew what he was doing. If she played her cards right…
“Done!” The man announced from behind her and pulled off the cape that protected her uniform with a flourish.
Francine slunk off the couch she was perched on, put her arms around the stylist, planted a coy kiss on his cheek and pretended not to notice as his hands snaked down to her buttocks. Bibi screwed shut her bottle of nail polish and ushered Lola into the adjacent bathroom with a polythene bag.
“Don’t worry, he won’t peek. Fran has him occupied.” said Bibi when she noticed the apprehension on Lola’s face.
Lola shut the bolt on the bathroom door behind her and emptied out the contents of the bag onto the top of the porcelain tank of the water system. A plaid shirt which was suspiciously two sizes too small, grey shorts and a pair of tar platform T-bars. She pulled her shift dress uniform over her head, uncinching the belt that gave it some sort of structure before hand and dressed quickly, pulling on the shorts and heels first before buttoning the shirt over her black lacy bra. It stretched uncomfortably over her bust so she undid the top two buttons and pulled the bottom two into a knot, exposing her belly.
She gave herself a quick look in the mirror after stuffing her clothes the bag and stopped in her tracks. The girl in the mirror looked nearly a decade older, with straight black hair that fell down her back and mocha skin that complemented green eyes, the expertly done make up and the suggestive clothes aging her. Her hand instinctively smoothed down the little strands that were already beginning to fray. There was no turning back now.


The cab stopped in front of monstrous edifice that dwarfed everything that surrounded it. They’d wound through dirt roads and a rickety bridge that was over a creek to get here. He was waiting for them outside the gate with a curlicued motif, hands dug deep into his trouser pockets. He smiled and shook her hand, smiling even wider as she flushed visibly. He was handsome, almost pretty even, clean shaven with unblemished skin and thick black eyebrows that framed his doe eyes. It was a task for her to look him squarely without blushing let alone ask his name, but he gave it anyways. Kay, he said. Bibi led the way into the house, snatching a marijuana blunt from one of the boys who leant against the high fence ‘getting air’. Lola was assaulted by the sweat and something baser as Kay led her into the throng of bodies that revelled to the Afro pop that blared off the speakers. She tried to hide her disappointment, she’d been expecting something more civil, more like the soirees the socialites threw on Gossip Girl. She reminded herself to keep an open mind. Kay drew her close and whispered into her ear, asking if she minded that he’d put his hands around her waist. She instinctively looked down and shook her head sheepishly and tickled him with her hair, drawing out a laugh that was quickly drowned in all the noise around them.
He danced slowly, coaxing her out of her shell, letting her meld into him and find her sensuality as she turned and closed her eyes as their hips achieved a seductive synchrony in time to Rayce’s Roll. His hands roved and she let him, it felt so good, his hands were nimble but so powerful. Lola’s lids flew open as a hand closed around her wrist and tugged. It was Fran.
“I’ll bring her back, I promise.” She mouthed as an apology. Kay shrugged.
“Why did you do that?” Lola asked.
Fran rolled her eyes. “He isn’t running away, besides there’s fun to be had, apart from you burying your ass in his groin.”
And fun was the state of the art bar that was built into the left wall of the living space. Bibi was already atop it, clumsily attempting a liquor fueled strip tease to appreciative whistling of cheering boys. Fran and Lola quickly climbed and joined her, channelling their favorite singers as they dipped and rolled their hips, teasing their appreciative audience. The cat calls fed their exhibitionism and Lola closed her eyes and touched herself seductively, her hands playfully simulating her deepest fantasies. Her fingers had slipped into her shirt and had begun to undo the top button when the music came to an abrupt end and broke her trance. She awkwardly scrambled down the table top, whispering a little prayer of thanks as she noticed Kay’s outstretched arm offered to help her down.
“De nada.”
“It’s stuffy here, can we go somewhere quiet?”


“It’s really weird.”
“What is?” Kay asked as he shut the door to the guest bedroom behind him.
“I just expected that a party full of undergrads would be less…”
“Rowdy?” Kay offered. He’d come to sit beside Lola.
She rubbed her sweaty palms on her shirt and twirled a finger through her slightly damp hair. She nodded sheepishly and drew a little closer to him. If he noticed he showed no emotion.
“Many of the undergrads there are first years. The older ones are too bored or too jaded to bother with an afternoon party.”
He drew a little closer, till her exposed thigh was practically flush against the silky fabric of his cashmere slacks. She felt his fingertips leave moist imprints on the nape of her neck and in one experienced swoop, he scooped her hair and poured it over her other shoulder, leaving her decollete bare. He drew in a deep breath and exhaled on her neck, making her shiver before calming her with airy kisses. He puts his hand on her cheek and sook her eyes with his, riveting her as his lower lip found the crevice between hers. She sucked gently, instinct taking over, its softness fascinating her. She crawled on top of Kay and settled on his groin and began to slowly roll her hips and tease him as her tongue savored the sweetness of his cider flavored mouth. She tugged at the ends of his shirt tucked into his pants and he raised his hands and let her pull it over his head and discard it on the carpeted floor. His hands travelled up from her cheeks into her nest of hair and tightened around clumps making her slightly light headed. She almost didn’t notice.

Lola’s hands went into her blouse and undid the clasp of her strapless bra underneath and absently found it a place next to Kay’s shirt. Kay smiled and buried his face in her mounds, gently teasing her and sucking on the supple skin as she arched her back out to meet him and held onto his neck for support. Kay’s other hand dug into the hem of her shorts and played with them as his mouth found one of her areolas and his teeth grazed on the hardened knob. She felt herself flush in unmentionable places and her nails dug into his back eliciting the first guttural moan from him.

He pulled her close and nibbled on her ear before whispering,
“Do you know what I want?”
“What?” Lola replied huskily, eyes shut in anticipation.
“I want you to slap me.”
Lola froze.
“What?” She whispered incredulously.
Kay laughed nervously. “It’s a fetish I have. I like getting hit by girls, it arouses me. The harder you slap me around the hornier I get.”
“Ugh! Fucking perv!!!” Lola cursed and scrambled off him, grabbed her shoes and back pedalled out of the room, leaving behind her bra and a stunned shirtless undergraduate.


The moisten laden gusts of wind caressed Lola’s neck, awakening the tingling where Kay’s hands had been less than a hour ago. She’d walked down to the highway on her own, after she’d searched the party for Bibi and Fran and couldn’t find them. They were probably in some of the other bedrooms slapping up their boyfriends or what else these creepy boys got aroused by nowadays. She scoffed and tried to stave off the tears that threatened to leak and spoil what was left of her mascara, she wasn’t going to cry, not about something this ridiculous. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander, the straps of her heels intertwined between her fingers and the warm tarmac under her barefeet her anchors to reality.

Honk! Honk!

A sleek SUV with a green stripe motif had pulled up beside her. The side window slid down and Kay leaned over, an embarrassed grin lighting up his oval face.
“I’m sorry about what happened earlier, that was inappropriate.
“Will you at least let me make it up to you by driving you back to school?”


17 thoughts on “This Is What Makes Us Girls

  1. The penchant for female… womanly things.
    The hurrying up to grow up…
    The needless fuss,the stupid anticipation.

    We grow up..and then?


    It makes all the sense.
    Triggered all the responses.


  2. First off, I don’t understand the assumption that only a girl can write about a girl’s experience. Anyone can, with enough info (just read romantic novels, all the descriptive sensuality is held within); it’s not like you need a girl’s brain to form words. And believe it or not, a naïve guy has pretty similar thoughts so there isn’t that much of a discrepancy.
    Edwin, this is brilliant.

  3. This is such a very nicely written story. I was just recently washing EDWIN over his awesome writing from the feminine perspective. he hath done it again. splendid.

  4. *chuckle* I feel cheated, because I’m a girl and I never experienced this. The story drew me in the way good stories are supposed to. By the way, my friend read this and said ‘I should totally sleep with this boy!’ Lol!

  5. Ohh Edwin, you captured it all, our jauntiness.. materialism, superficiality and naivety this really is what makes us girls. ^ ^ .. and Mam and Fatimas’s picture illustrated it best.. Bissoux

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