For @weird_oo (lol)

There’s something about you. (Okay not one just one thing. But for the purpose of this Valentine’s letter let’s call it one thing -____-) LOL! I don’t even know who I want to address this to, Sis Njideka who I am sure will eventually vex and release her own gospel album which will make Agatha Moses retire (oya aunty pack ya ladder) or Vixen and her sexy, crazy sense of humour, or Chioma who is all quiet intensity and sexy power. So I’ll just write to all three of you. ^___^

Njideka my love, you are the one who I run to when I have a terrible annoying nightmare and I cant sleep, you’re always up at 3am contemplating the mysteries of the universe and never too tired to say a prayer for me when something weird happens to me. You’re the one who makes sure Chioma and Vixen (side eyes the two of them) keep that phone off during the Sabbath and you’re the one with the sonorous voice who is always leading songs at service, you’re the one with the great advice and the eternally hopeful one, sometimes I think without you the sunniest parts of Chioma wouldn’t exist. You’re a bit of a prude sha. So I have to watch what I say around you but underneath everything everything you do comes from a place brimming with love, and I love you for that. I know you will open ya mouth now to say you dont like valentine’s day and you don’t want to shag anybody for gifts but that’s why long distance relationships were created babyee. Happy Valentine’s day.

Vixen, Vixen, Vixen! Lol! Lord knows how many times I have been virtually spanked by you. You are the mischievous one in this trinity and you’re the one with whom when we want to troll people on twitter I can always trust. Remember that night when we were tweeting about bloody kisses and everyone was half irritated and half aroused? LOL! I still haven’t forgotten that. I like how you’re never afraid to talk about the things you find interesting, no matter how deviant they seem. Its not beans to be a whole Orochimaru’s concubine for so long and still retain your sanity. You’re also the no-nonsense one, even though most times you’d rather just ignore people because you can see above and beyond their stupidity and pettiness, but occasionally you bludgeon all these random niggas into submission and teach them their place while somehow keep them thirsting. Lord, I know that your DMs is like a temple where all these thirsty niggas come to grovel. Most lusted after she-woman on twitter, happy valentine’s day.

I think I was lucky I met Chioma first, before I met Nji or Vixen. Chioma is the soul of this trinity and if you’re too busy looking for the sexy or the laced up side of her you could miss her sitting in the corner, quietly reading a book. She is my ever ready editor and critic, lord knows how many times I’ve woken her up at 3am to read a story draft or because I didn’t know where to take a story to. You’re the one who’s the silent succubus. You have the best jokes and the funniest lines, and the one who is slowly rebuilding herself inside up. It’s easy to miss how strong this one is because she isn’t shouty or forever looking for acknowledgement like many girls I know. She’s forever making love to books (those lucky bastards) and giving birth to the best kinds of lit babies. Collaborated a few times with her and made some perfect babies (see the Incubus trilogy). Chioma is the keeper of my secrets and she doesn’t judge me for them, I dont know what else I could ask for in a person.

To the most fascinating girl I have ever had the blessing of meeting.

Cee-cee Odukwe. Happy Valentines day. :* :* :*


Ps: I’m writing this from the more than a best friend but not yet a boyfriend zone, there’s full AC and a snack bar, and I get first pictures whenever she combs out her hair. you should try it sometime. ^.^




One thought on “For @weird_oo (lol)

  1. Eddie…
    Sigh. *tight hug*
    Thank you for being you. For confiding in me. For also reading my own drafts. For being there to gist like old women. For your incubus smile and angelic heart.
    The one i can tell anything and not worry about feeling stupid.
    Our terrorizing days Loool
    When people wondered if we were demonic. That was fun. We should terrorise these mudabeeches again!
    Be you because that is the person I’ve come to admire.
    – Chioma, Vixen and Njideka.

    They have all agreed for the first time. LOL!

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