succinct but powerful.


Good (insert time of day here) to you. Welcome to today’s post.
As you may have noticed, I haven’t uploaded in a (to me at least, overly long) while. I’m sorry. I had to take a breather. I wrote so much in so little time that I burnt out. Writing 5 different stories in two weeks did that to me. Also, I’m working on my final year project, and that, together with the mental fatigue, put me off creative writing. Today, I make an attempt to write. I hope I manage to make up for my absence.

I wrote this recently. It wasn’t supposed to be a blogpost. It was just a bit of random scribbling I wrote after reading ‘You met a girl’, a story by the excellent Osemhen Elohor Akhibi in the latest issue of Klorofyl, a magazine which you all should download and devour. The story moved…

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