Words For A Hymn

(Striped and Spotted and Dappled fur slinks around the ring, crackling as hides are brushed, the very air bristling with untamed sexuality. The whip cracks and muscles ripple as lions, tigers and bears dance and lope, urged in a duet of fraught with danger and the constant threat of wild savagery breaking the illusion of tameness. Our Animal trainer seduces and coerces the wild for your pleasure. The Faire Of Words Offers…)


Pacify me,

pour out your platitudes
let them trickle out of you
spun silk offered reluctantly
bind me with them, you know you want them to smother me
keep me safe with your half truths
protected from all but the thing I should really fear

Preen before me,

Let your eyes continue where your lips fail
show me what you’d do to me
if I let you out of your leash
flex that sinew, welcome my whip
embrace it, the unexpectedness of pain
shame the wild with your feral nature
let the humanity bleed out of your scars
till what is left is less… and more

Reject me,

Let your unuttered words speak volumes
hold still when my arms beat against your chest
affect that indifference I hate so much
make me blather, make me squirm
look into me… and through me
then turn away as though I was never there

Adore me,

Pave the ground I walk on with adulation
let my whims guide your psalteries
supplant my selfish satisfaction with every suggestion of solitary
sexual satiation
wear a path into my sacred temples
worship so fervently that your presence becomes a cherished thing
seek my face earnestly
and when I warm to you, renounce me

Pre-empt me,

with ropes and leather and silken scarves
withhold release from me, if its not on your terms
muzzle me till all I offer in protest are submissive whimpers
spur me to the finish, O Great Jockey
take me to the river and deny me drink
fine tune me till I hum and purrrrr
this has gone on so long
I’m no longer sure I ever want it to be done.


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